We promised an update last week. but it looks like were doing the update this week. We have grenades working…. which has allowed the game to support power ups. we have started integrating tooltips. we’ve cleaned up the code and worked out glitches. there were a variety up improvements to the inventory system. we were hoping to have funding for a bunch of assets but were kinda broke and the entrepreneur funding was denied. they didnt see videogames as a serious business. some of the people on the committee seemed to think we are a bunch of bums hacking away in our mother’s basement. Less money just means there will be less non-programming stuff….. might be less programming as i might be doing some other gigs.

Polish Mode

Now we’re into polish mode for the interview, I’d like to get drag and drop implemented in the inventory system but I don’t think there is time for the next update, there are some roadblocks which are demanding a complete overhaul of the entire inventory system. The current Unity3D gui code I’m using is weak when it comes to concatenating stacks of objects. 

New Screenshots of Super Space Salvage Marines

Hey all,

We’re pleased to announce the project is on schedule! Super Space Salvage Marines has several new features! We have better doors. We have a basic character class system. You can level up! You can also collect items, we’ve got health packs, ammo, (and soon guns & grenades!). (grenades are hard, I need to add splash damage first, plus I have to hunt down a new contextual cursor which is royalty free) 

Did I also mention we’ve got a new alien race and character race, you don’t have to fill your squad out with four marines, you can be an android now too. Ain’t this game going to be awesome. I think so, I just hope its polished by the Level Up Contest at the end of the month.

Please tell your friends about this game. We’re actually getting there.

Here are some screenshots:


Super Space Salvage Marines is looking good.

We’ll have a new demo by Wednesday  It looks like we’ll have a basic inventory system, basic class system and basic power-up system implemented  We’ve also added a new player character race…. the android. I have no doubt they will drop their jaws at our next update. Once this is done we can work on the kickstarter campeign and polishing the game for the Level Up Challenge. But seriously, I’m taking a break for a day or two.

Super Space Salvage Marines Update

This is an example of what I’m working on, I’ve been working hard all day for my next presentation. This one will include path-finding. We’ve created basic unit statistics and hero statistics, it should be relatively easy to add healing in this next alpha version too. There is a new alien race, we just need to figure out what sort of lore we will create, I haven’t worked on the story too much.Image

Update On Development

Today I created a new demo level, the other one seen in the alpha was laggy. I had to re-scale everything and remake the rooms into prefabs. This rescaling basically killed the first demo level. I reduced the draw calls by 33% on most areas of the scene, hopefully this will improve performance & system resources efficiency on the end user computers. I worked with the door system, it seems to be a game-play improvement. I found an alien prefab and implemented it into my unit manager. I really didn’t want to spend as much time playtesting and level designing as I did. I’m evaluating path finding and inventory systems, I suspect these systems will eat a few weeks of my time so I might just licence a kit and work with it’s limitations, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel this summer and outdo current inventory systems, but I can deliver a decent game to my supporters, fans, and customers. I am so busy playtesting today, that I did not get much coding done as I’d like to. The new level is interesting enough to test out new tactical gameplay. I would of liked smaller spaceships, but this version will include larger hallways, it solves alot of door bugs. I’m realizing some limitations of RTS/RPS not told in books, the game is killed by chock points and can kill some tactical play. Of course each player should have a strategic point. I really have to push the middleware to get a quality game done in time. My other concern is the AI state machine, which probably is already done. I’ve noticed alot of new sci-fi assets, many are over priced and have polygons that are way too high for lower end systems. Creating games for the low end systems means cutting the poly’s. I have a freelance opportunity which may fund the project, but inevitably take time away from coding. I’ve been trying to get funding, but once again this takes away from the production process, I’m listening to alot of talking heads these days, when the time that counts is when I’m busy trying to make the game better. I want to see this game made and made well.

Trying to fund a game

Hello all,

Did you think I was just going to casually create a game, or go poof? You might of noticed I was away recently. First I was doing my exams. Second I was doing my game and getting this demo out the door to get a handful of people to say they’ll buy it. When I’m hard at coding there is no time to market, no time to chit-chat, no time to network, no time to say my elevator speech. If I really did make a bit of change on this game, it would mean I’d have to move to managing people making games, which takes away the joy I get when I see my Finite State Machine AI working.

Most likely I’m going to do this game most of the summer unless certain finances get in the way. I have some very supportive people around me at the moment who want me to succeed in this. We’ve already spoken about me going to Fan Expo to sell the completed game (and its going to be GOOD!). I’m already feeling like a winner with what I’ve done so far, I really do want to deliver a primo game but 4 months is short relatively speaking!!!

All week development slowed to a standstill, mostly because I’m a one man show! The game wasn’t getting any new features added because I had to finalize a budget and I had to attend entrepreneurial business conferences as part of the deal. You have no idea how I wept when I cut $25 from sound and $25 from music to move the money into hosting and business cards! The real trick with this program is I need  extra development funding within the first month or I need to release it. So I’m getting everyone I need to assist me on this game to cross their fingers for this funding approval.

I’m also going to submit Super Space Salvage Marines (SSSM) to the Level Up Indie Game Challenge by Intel. We’re hoping and we’re begging to win under the student category. I really think I have a shot at it! I really do.

The Studio Logo

Yes, I got one really biting critique of the studio logo, but I really can’t blame him for saying the truth, a anime furry cartoon logo of a fox is going to turn off fans before they play the game. Not having the budget to get an art director, or even a full time artist the logo has to go. I want to go with a calligraphy looking logo of a fox, with the text rendered like it was a neon light. That should go with the sci-fi theme. A fox has various shades of gray, so I can go with the fox idea for now. I’m glad I have a creative advice to substitute for a art director. Thanks! 

Here is a decent reference for creating a fox logo, I might draw inspiration from here, but I’m worried making the logo look like a Kitsune or Inari will turn off the potential Korean audience, which do not like the Japanese for their involvement in WWII. At this stage, even one sale lost would hurt!

Link: http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/calligraphy1.shtml


A Title Page

A Title Page

It took me like 4 minutes to figure out how to get a screenshot from a mac keyboard!

Currently working on Version 0.1 of Super Space Salvage Marines



Super Space Salvage Marines is my new title that is currently in the alpha stages of production. We want to create a squad strategy for the PC/Mac and possibly mobile phones. Super Space Salvage Marines puts you in control of a squad of marines who are trying to make pay-dirt by clearing out derelict spaceships on the frontier of human space. You will encounter aliens, space zombies, and other enemies while collecting loot to sell at the spaceport for better equipment.  As you progress through the missions your marines will increase in ability, allowing you to unlock new special abilities to kick some green alien ass. We want to create quick casual play with each mission lasting 15 minutes at most.

ImageWe need your support to make this game possible. We need funding to cover the costs of artwork, sound, background music, level design, programming, and publishing. We’re going to be on kick-starter very soon but we’d like to hear support for any one willing to pre-order this game. We’re going to price the game at $15.


We’re currently trying to give everyone some in game screenshots, the alpha demo should be released later today. We can’t promise system requirements for this build but the future we’re going to but a big push into optimizing the code.

In a week we’ve implemented the basic movement, basic AI, basic line of sight, very basic fog of war. In future versions we’re going to implement a class system, inventory system and leveling up. We want to put special unit abilities and classes into the game. We realize that commanding 4 units is too much at this point for the squad RTS, we might reduce player’s unit control down to four. We’re trying to make the movement and unit management system easy as possible we have to add hot keys and better way point systems. There needs to be path finding added as well as spacing out of large army way points. And yes we’re going to fix the door jam bug.







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